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We separate our waste well in the gemeente Dronten. But there is certainly room for improvement. Will you join us?

Your waste coach

Meet Han Rooks. He answers all your waste questions and gives advice on waste separation.

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Why separate waste?

GFT also participates!

We are separating our waste at gemeente Dronten better and better. Yet something strikes us. Our sorting analyses show that 30 percent of our residual waste consists of vegetable, fruit and garden (GFT) waste.

This is unfortunate GFT is in fact reused and residual waste we burn. We are going for 100 percent waste separation. This is good for the environment and saves costs. Will you join us?


That easy divorce is

GFT stands for vegetable, fruit and garden waste. Read all about separating GFT waste. 

PBD stands for Plastic, Cans and Drinking Packs and is single-use household packaging waste. 

Only clean paper and cardboard can be recycled. Make it flat and small.

Empty bottles, jars and other glass waste may be deposited in the bottle bank.

The great thing about clothes and shoes is that you can reuse them often.

From much waste we make raw materials for new products.

Our waste coach

Separating waste is a breeze

Why separate waste?

For now and our future

Our residual waste still contains many usable materials. This is a shame. If you separate properly, new stuff can be made from our waste.

Wij gaan voor 100 percent waste separation. We are doing this for now and the future. Will you join us?

Everyone at gemeente Dronten participates

Biddinghuizen, Dronten and Swifterbant are doing well!

What in what container?

Of course, we have some tips for you on how to separate your waste even better.


Our ambassadors are happy to tell you what they are doing to better separate their waste.


Some types of waste often end up (accidentally) in the wrong bin. 

what goes with residual waste?

Residual waste is all the waste that cannot yet be recycled. The waste is incinerated. Our goal? To separate our waste as best we can, to reduce the number of pounds of residual waste.


There is insufficient recycling capacity available for diapers. Therefore, diapers are allowed in the residual waste. The same goes for sanitary pads, incontinence pads and tampons.

pizza boxvies

Pizza boxes with leftover food or grease must be disposed of with the garbage. However, clean boxes of frozen pizzas can be disposed of with waste paper.

dirty handkerchief

Used tissues and kitchen paper contain dirt and or grease. Photos , wallpaper or binders often contain plastic or tape. It all belongs in the residual waste


Aerosol cans belong in residual waste because they may contain residual propellant. The plastic cap can be disposed of with PBD

Ambassador speaking

Of course I separate my waste

This is Jan Grootscholten. Together with his wife Leni, he enjoys living in spacious and green Dronten. As an active litter picker, he does his bit to keep Dronten a little more beautiful and especially cleaner. Whether I separate my garbage? Of course! Also wij gaan voor 100 percent separate waste.'


Residents of gemeente Dronten are on the right track!

Residents of Biddinghuizen, Dronten and Swifterbant are doing a good job separating waste. Together we are going for 100 percent waste separation. Will you join us?

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