What is allowed in waste paper?

Only clean paper and cardboard can be recycled. This may go with the waste paper. Make it as flat and small as possible so more paper and cardboard will fit in the container.

  • Egg cartons, toilet and kitchen rolls
  • Gift paper, greeting cards
  • Post-its, notes, shopping lists
  • Envelopes, also with window (without bubble wrap)
  • Writing and drawing paper
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Broken reading and comic books
  • Advertising flyers (without the plastic packaging)
  • Paper bags and tote bags
  • Fax and copy paper
  • Cardboard and paper packaging of sprinkles, tea, rice, cookies, beer and frozen pizza
  • Cardboard packaging of mascara, cream, perfume and medicines
  • Cardboard wrappers of desserts and meal salads
  • Receipts
  • Cardboard boxes
Why separate paper and cardboard waste?

old paper? collect it!

From paper we make paper. From old newspapers and magazines, sales receipts and sprinkle packs, for example. So collect your old paper. Important: we can only recycle clean paper and cardboard. Another tip: can you tear it? No? Then it belongs in another bin. Think of photographs, drinking cartons and wallpaper.

Paper instinkers

dirty handkerchief

Used tissues are dirty or greasy. They should go in theresidual waste.

pizza boxvies

Pizza boxes with food scraps or grease should go in the residual waste.

drinking pack

Drink containers of milk or fruit juice, for example, are allowed at the PBD.


Photographs and wallpaper often contain plastic. It belongs in residual waste.

baking paper

Used baking paper also belongs in residual waste.


A book. Give him rather a second life and take it to the recycle.

This is how to make waste paper more recyclable

Waste paper and cardboard are valuable. Especially if this properlyt collected. The better separated, the more paper and cardboard get a second lifet as a raw material for new products and packaging. With the following tips, you can make them even more recyclable.

Clean and dry

Used tissues and pizza boxes with food leftovers are dirty and do not belong with the waste paper. Just like wet cardboard and paper.

Remove plastic

Plastic (foil, plastic binders and covers) - even if biodegradable - belongs in the orange PBD bin.

Flatten it

Then more paper and cardboard will fit in the container, but don't stamp on it. Then your bin will not be emptied properly.

In the house, use a separate bin

Collect your scrap paper in the blue bin

Remove the plastic wrap from advertising flyers and magazines before throwing them in the waste paper. Only clean and dry paper and cardboard can be recycled into new paper. Make large packages flat and as small as possible. Just don't stuff your bin too full (don't pound it) so we can empty it properly. 


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