This may be put in the bottle bank

Empty bottles, jars and other glass waste may be deposited in the bottle bank. By collecting glass waste separately, you help save the environment and contribute to a sustainable world.

  • Jars and bottles of pasta sauce, jam, mayonnaise, vegetables
  • Wine, juice, oil and vinegar bottles
  • Spice jars
  • Perfume bottles
  • Cream pots
  • Glass deodorant rollers
Why separate glass waste?

waste glass: jars, bottles and other glass

Glass can be recycled an infinite number of times! Recycling saves raw materials and energy. So you are helping the environment when you bring glass bottles and jars to glass container brings. Did you know that new bottles and jars are already made of 85% recycled glass?

Glass instinkers


Tea glasses and crystal wine glasses are heat resistant. This causes problems in recycling because they only melt at a much higher temperature. They are allowed in the residual waste


Energy-saving bulbs, LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes belong in the collection bin for light bulbs. You can often find these at stores and supermarkets.


Vases and decorative bottles are made of a different kind of glass. Give them to the thrift store when you have run out of them. Broken? Take them to the recycling center!


Mirrors and windows have been processed to make it reflective or stronger.Prefer to bring them to the junkyard.

potmet lid

Lids may simply go in the glass container, but a loose lid made of tin or plastic may also go with the PBD.


Bring bottles with drug residues to the pharmacy, it's safer.

think about this when you separate glass

White, brown and green

Are there separate glass containers for white, brown and green glass? Then use those as well: throw the correct color in the correct bin. Other colors such as red and blue glass may go with green. Sorting helps. White (colorless) glass, for example, can only be made from white cullet.

No need to rinse

No need to rinse or wash dishes. In fact, washing dishes at home uses more energy than at the glass factory! Put the cap or lid back on the bottle or jar so your bag doesn't get dirty. Metal lids can go into the bottle bank, the metal is fished out of the glass in the factory with large magnets. Plastic caps? Throw them in the PBD bin!

Lids, caps, corks

Lids, caps, corks and labels are extracted from between the cullet. Then the glass is made even smaller and taken to the glass factory. There they melt the cullet and turn it into new bottles and jars.

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