Collection staff

Collection staff

'Agricultural plastic may go with company waste'

Farmers and other residents of the countryside encounter Renata regularly. With her garbage truck, she drives through the polder landscape in all weathers. At first glance, it seems pretty quiet on the farm roads: few containers and they are spaced far apart. 'Make no mistake,' Renata laughs. 'It's hard work. The containers are regularly crooked, or they are blown over. It always blows hard in the polder.'  

Agricultural plastic, cans that contained pesticides, glass bottles or wooden planks, these do not belong in the container for PBD. Nor do they belong in the residual waste, but in the container for commercial waste. Does it go wrong, even after several warnings? Then the waste coach comes to visit and gives personal tips.

Renata enjoys doing her job. 'My favorite time of day? There are two: early in the morning when we all ride out together and at the end of the day. Then we come back together on the Reest. Then it's over and we have a moment with the team.'

Tips from our staff collection

Tip from Edwin

'Cut or tear large cardboard boxes into pieces before throwing them in the paper bin. Put cardboard neatly upright. If you don't make a box flat, it blocks the entrance to the container, so you can dispose of less.'

Tip from Bjorn

'My tip against waste is simple: eat your plate well, haha! That's a joke, of course, but there's something to it: buy only what you use. Freeze leftovers, or bring a plate of food to an elderly or sick neighbor.'

Tip from Renate

'I often carry extra PBD bags. Just in case someone would like to try them and doesn't already have them. Should you run into me on my rounds, feel free to ask me for a container bag, advice or tips for separating your waste. You'll find that if you separate your trash better, you're less likely to have an overflowing container.'

Tip from Gerjan

'Sometimes it is difficult to decide which bin to choose. When in doubt, you can use the Waste Sorting Guide-app consult or this website. Je can also create your own garbage man or -wife for advice!

Tip from Henk

'PBD is mainly about household packaging material. So the plastic of meat products, the bread bag and the plastic packaging of vegetables.'

Tip from Jelle

'Buy a trash can with three or four different compartments. For food waste (VGF), plastic, can and drink containers (PBD), residual waste and paper.'